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H's big second chance to get qualifications!

H has an Education & Health Care Plan and was referred to us by his Local Authority.

H's mum felt that he had been let down by the schooling sytem and felt that he had just been forgotten about. She told us, "coming to Flower Skills is a really big second chance for him. He now has a reason to get out of bed in the morning and go and do something he really enjoys."

H is working towards a City & Guilds qualification and is making great progress. His tutor said, "he has done really well, especially given how much time has been lost to Covid. He recently completed two bricklaying units – one with a distinction – and is working hard, ready for his next assessment. He picks up new skills quickly and has really worked hard at developing them."

Our approach, with assessments spread out across the year, makes the qualification much more achievable for Harry as it avoids the big pressure of one big exam at the end of the year.