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Builders' Merchant increases branch margin

Working closely with builders merchant Castle Timber, Flower Skills and Training tailored a specialist training programme for Castle’s staff which proved to be rewarding on many levels.

The programme and its impact

Working in partnership with Castle, Flower Skills and Training were able to get to grips with the challenges their business was facing. From this, we were able to put together a training package to address issues in product awareness, merchandising and customer service. Results included:

• Branch margin up by 6%
• Increased average ticket values and number of items per transaction
• Improved customer satisfaction

Hear from the staff

“It was hard work and a real eye opener; I was tired out by the end of the day! By knowing more about what my customers do in their jobs I can help them more and support them with product choices. Plus it helps me sell more!”
Sales Person

“Brilliant! The staff at Flowers were really helpful. It was really useful to learn to see things from a customer perspective. More of the same please.”
Desk Sales Person

“Getting hands on was fun and useful. I didn’t realise how making a change to some of the small things can really make a difference.”
Deputy Manager

“The improvements totally exceeded our expectations. As a result, Castle margin is now ahead of budget and up on last year’s rate. By developing our staff understanding of our customers, we can now provide a better service.”

Business Development Director

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