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The course can be modified to suit the needs of the particular group of learners and can cover a range of skills and techniques to improve the chances of securing employment and of staying employed once they have found a job.


City & Guilds accredited


Our courses include all materials, including test fees. No hidden charges.


Located in south east London, you will be trained on our site and get practical experience.


The course runs over a period of 5-10 days based on needs

Group size

The normal group size is 10-12 people, although larger or smaller group sizes will be considered.

Course content

A specific programme can be developed for each group of learners, focusing on their needs and interests. Different units can be combined to cover the areas in which the group need most support.

Units can include, for example:

  • Job search
  • Making applications
  • Interview skills
  • Preparing for work
  • Effective commnication
  • Working as part of a team
  • Building working relationships in the workplace
  • Safe learning in the workplace
  • Career progression

In addition to learning some key construction skills you will build your confidence and knowledge, and working with others will develop more effective communications skills. You can choose the elements that work for you.