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This is for experienced construction workers with no formal qualifications. Flower Skills and Training Ltd can support your employees to achieve an NVQ qualification with minimal disruption to the working day.
The training includes:

• Assessing the individuals trade skills.
• Supporting the individual in building a portfolio ready for assessment.
• Site visit/s by an accredited assessor.
• Identification of any additional support or training needed to address skills gaps.
• Support to complete the registration process for the full CSCS card award.

Current trades covered*:

• Carpentry & Joinery
• Painting & Decorating
• Bricklaying
• Building Maintenance
• Dry Lining
• Plastering

*Further trades may be available on demand.
If you are interested call 020 8305 5050 for more information
As an employer your company and employees may be eligible for free CSCS training and testing - leading to CSCS cards, at Flower Skills and Training Ltd.
What does OSAT and EWPA mean?
(On Site Assessment Training)
This is the most widely available route, it is offered in most of the building trades and by assessment centres in the UK.
It involves an assessor working with an experienced worker to build up a portfolio of evidence to prove that they are competent in their trade.
This route can involve some forms of training needed by the worker to up-date their personal skills in the trade and will normally take between four to six visits over a period of three to six months.
(Experienced Workers Practical Assessment)
This is a faster route than the OSAT but is only available in a small number of trades.
It is only open to workers that an extensive knowledge and experience in their trade and require no training.
The worker will undergo an assessment process of their practical skills, followed by a professional discussion with an assessor.
The assessment itself involves spending approximately a day at an off-site NVQ assessment centre, producing a bank of evidence as a result.
Benefits to the Employer
There are two different methods of assessment to qualify experienced workers, both of which help convert existing skills into an NVQ.
They provided a range of business benefits:-
• Provide proof of workers skills, so you can be reassured they can do the job
• Help qualify workers for CSCS and other scheme card – essential for getting work with an increasing number of contractors and clients
• Minimise downtime – by carrying out assessment on –site wherever possible and in the shortest possible timeframe.
• Grow your skills base and increase the range of work you can take on
• Help build confidence and pride in the workforce
• Help drive up standards and improve the image of the construction industry.
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