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DIY is growing in popularity especially in the current financial climate when home owners find that it is beneficial, economically, to extend their homes rather than move.
We run one-day Saturday courses in Carpentry, Plumbing, Painting and Decorating, and Tiling. Each workshop is taught by a professional tradesperson and is designed to give you the confidence to carry out basic repairs. They’ll give you a general understanding of your home systems and the insight to know when to call a professional. Our 2011 courses are listed below.
With the skills you discover when you undertake these courses you will have the confidence to take on everyday DIY projects around the house.
Health & Safety Basics

Points that will be covered to give a basic preliminary understanding of health and safety for your home are:
• The rules – when you must use a qualified person
• Locating and turning off/on the water supply into your house
• Locating and turning off/on the electricity supply into your house
• Locating and turning off/on the gas supply into your house
• Fire safety in the home
• Working safely in the home
• Safety equipment
• Using the right tools

Points that will be covered to give a basic understanding of Carpentry are:
• Use hand tools such as chisels, planes etc.
• Cut basic joints
• Cut and fit dado rails, architraves, skirting and doorstops
• Erect a stud-wall
• Fit a door lining/frame
• Hang a door
• Fit a lock.
Painting and Decorating

Points that will be covered to give a basic understanding of Painting & Decorating are:
• Health and Safety, PPE and safe working practices
• Correct use of tools and equipment used in this trade
• Preparation of new and old surfaces ready for painting
• Repairing imperfections in walls and wood ready for painting
• Application of water based products such as primers, undercoats, emulsion and eggshell using brushes and rollers
• Application of oil based products
• Cutting around obstructions, openings, fittings such as radiators, windows, sockets and switches
• How to use a roller effectively
• Cutting, pasting and hanging wallpaper
Plumbing Essentials

Points that will be covered to give a basic understanding of plumbing are:
• An introduction to plumbing regulations.
• The correct usage of plumbing tools, equipment & blow lamps.
• An oversight of plumbing materials
• Tap & Waste Trap Maintenance
• Removal & Installation of Radiators and/or damaged pipes
• Drain down water system
• Installation of Plastic & Copper pipe-works
• An introduction to copper & plastic Pipe-work jointing
• Pipe-bending

Points that will be covered to give a basic understanding of tiling are::
• Setting out your tiling work,
• Explaining all the different adhesives used for different surfaces
• Demonstrating all the tools required.
• Cutting tiles using wet and dry tile cutters, tile scribes, tile snips and tile saws.
• Explaining tiling involving Borders, Diamonds and Patterns
• How to cut around windows and reveals
• How to cope with tiling difficult areas such as uneven walls
• How to tile angled ceilings and socket areas.
• How to tile splash-backs
• How to tile around boxed in pipes.
All our workshops run from 10am – 4pm, at our training centre at Charlton.
Places cost £50 per person, per course. This includes a light lunch, materials, and handouts to take home. Places are limited – ring us now to find out when the next course is running. We also run one-day Saturday/holiday courses.
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