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Construction Skills Certification Scheme provides you with irrefutable proof of trade skills and makes it easier to find work - this is now a requirement by law since 2010 for all construction workers
How this will benefit you:

• Access to construction sites.
• Improve Health and Safety awareness.
• Competent and safe labour.
• Recognition of skills, competence and qualifications.
• Industry standardisation.

How to get started:

We can organise training and tests at our specialist accredited construction training centre. If individuals do not have an N/SVQ level qualification they may be able to get accredited through on site assessment and training (OSAT) which we can also organise on your behalf.

If you are interested call 020 8305 5050 for more information
As an employer your company and employees may be eligible for free CSCS training and testing - leading to CSCS cards, at Flower Skills and Training Ltd.
The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card is the competence card scheme for construction. Established in 1995, the Scheme has developed to meet the changing needs of the industry.
The Scheme aims to:
• keep a record of workers in the construction and built environment industry who have achieved a recognised level of competence and to provide a means of identification.

• be available on a voluntary basis to construction workers whose occupations are not covered by a certification scheme.

• raise standards of health and safety to reduce risks and accidents throughout the industry.
• encourage the construction sector and its clients to use skilled workers.

• provide certification for UK workers that could be accepted in Europe through agreements with other European national schemes mutually to recognise qualifications.

• be self-financing; with any surplus funds being used for the benefit of the scheme or the construction industry.
The Scheme aims to provide the following benefits
to individuals:
• Recognition of skills, competence and qualifications
• improved health and safety awareness
• improved employment prospects
• identification of training needs to improve or update skills
• On-site security.
Flower Skills and Training Ltd (FST) is pleased to offer a programme incorporating targeted health and safety training in preparation for formal testing for CSCS cards, which can also be provided by FST.
The course is an intensive half day course, covering both the knowledge required to pass the test and an explanation of the test mechanics.
We can arrange testing at our test centre and support you with your CSCS card application. Get in touch with Flower Training below or click here.
SmartCard technology ensures that safety, security and efficiency remain top priorities on your construction sites.
A CSCS SmartCard is a credit card sized plastic card containing a simple computer chip that can store and process electronic data in a highly secure manner. This technology offers construction clients and the contractors you commission many benefits.
• SmartCards are much harder to forge than plain printed cards.

• Counterfeit cards can easily be detected using an inexpensive card reader. Because information is stored electronically in the card chip, the CSCS SmartCard can be used for a host of new applications. Things like tracking tool box talks and site inductions; recording continuing professional development; controlling access to building sites; monitoring time and attendance; cashless vending; verifying occupational health restrictions and much more.
• SmartCard technology eliminates the need to ring the CSCS Helpline to verify a card’s authenticity.

• A cardholder’s identity can be verified using a card reader even if the printing on the card is badly worn.

• Information on the card has the potential to be updated electronically without having to issue a replacement.
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